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Design to Support Services

The current warehouse solutions have gone beyond automation of basic Receiving, Put-away, Picking, Packing and Shipping. Seamless integration with other systems for increasing efficiency, speed, visibility and maximizing workforce utilization are essential part of transforming supply chains and creating omnichannel customer experience.

Manhattan Associates iSeries Products:

Manhattan’s Warehouse Management product WMi, initially referred to as PKMS remained relevant because of solid customer base. This product continues to enjoy the patronage of discerning customers due to familiarity, stability and accessibility. 

Many of the large and traditional companies still vouch for the iSeries products and hence the need for continuous maintenance and support. Manhattan Associates continues to add new and attractive features to the product with easy upgrades for the customers. Product modification and integration related changes are common in the iSeries world.

This is a niche skill and customers need an effective support for expansion, modification, upgrade and ongoing maintenance.

Manhattan Associates Active Solutions:

Manhattan Associates’ industry-leading supply chain, inventory and omnichannel solutions are ideal in any situations to streamline operations and drive profitability continuously. Solution Design and flawless deployment are critical to achieving desired outcomes.

Manhattan Associates’ Warehouse Management Open Systems (WMOS) is their flagship WMS, addressing the needs of large and sophisticated customers. While the older classic version is still used in the market, Manhattan Associates went ahead with the SCOPE technology platform which includes other offerings too.

Manhattan Associates’ Order Management System (DOM), now popularly known as Enterprise Order Management (EOM) System, picked up in the recent years. With the omni-channel capabilities, EOM has surpassed from a top trend to a necessity. EOM provided capabilities for buying products online for pickup in stores (BOPIS/ROPIS), shipping orders from stores and vendor drop shipments. This is possible with the global inventory visibility and flexible order workflow configurations. With cloud based Active Omni solution, Manhattan Associates is becoming leader this in space.

In the recent years, more and more new customers are opting for open systems or cloud-based solution. The new product features are attracting customers to go for upgrade or custom solution. Though Manhattan Associates restricts customers / vendors to make any modification to the products, customers need help in Design, Planning, Testing, Integration, Data Migration, Performance Testing etc. Ongoing production support and optimization are the other areas where customers need help.

Services: Services

Design & Solution Architecture

We help you analyze your current processes and recommend appropriate applications / features from Manhattan Associates suite of applications and also draw up Solution Architecture and detailed Execution Plans for supply chain transformation. Our approach of identifying Critical to Success parameters directly from the end users strengthens downstream implementation processes.


Custom Feature Development

Not all situations are identical, many customers have modified warehouse management software, especially iSeries products from Manhattan Associates, for their specific requirements. We help identify such requirements and carry out these modifications to the software. We develop interfaces with other products in order to put together an integrated  supply chain transformation solution



Testing is the proof which demonstrates all explicit and implicit requirements are properly implemented and the solution is up to the task of handling peak loads and availability /  scalability requirements. We help you validate the solution as per your warehouse management processes and performance requirements with our ready to use test suites and automation solutions

Pipe Testing

Support & Maintenance

Go Live is the culmination of customer's vision to transform their supply chain. It requires detailed planning, execution and vigilance while going live and ensuring that there is no let-up in routine operations. We ensure that all users are trained in the solution, systems are ready, data is migrated and tested prior to Go Live. We also provide post release 24 x 7 support as per agreed SLA. Our approach would be to invest on reducing the recurrence of field defects in order to keep the support costs low while being highly responsive.

Applying Oil to Chain of Garage Door


The journey of supply chain transformation is continuous. We help you continuously improve processes, labor efficiencies and performance. Gathering Business Intelligence & generating Insightful Reports is a key process and we specialize in providing such insightful inputs for continuous improvements

Analysing the Numbers
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