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About Us

Speed, Predictability & Success

We are a team of WMS/EOM consultants with decades of experience in rolling out Manhattan Associates suite of applications across numerous industries. From Design, Implementation to ongoing Support, we have extensive experience in providing Design-to-Support Services to our clients.
We firmly believe that, at this most opportune time when the supply chains are going through digital transformations, with our decades of experience and thought leadership in transforming supply chains of our customers across industries, particularly based on Manhattan Associates suite of applications, we are well placed to provide the most differentiated services to our customers.

About Us: FAQ

Why choose Us

  • Our approach to Design, Implementation and Support to supply chain solutions ensures that you don’t have to look beyond one entity, that is Us, for all your needs. We provide you with complete hands-free services from end to end.

  • Return on Investment is a key parameter in any transformation journey. We assure you the best of returns on your investment by bringing in the most suitable talent while designing the solution which is backed by offshore implementation teams.

  • All rollouts are time critical and failure is not an option. Our vast experience, point solutions and partnerships make the rollouts Speedy, Predictable & Successful

Design-to-Support Services - 7 step approach

We take you through the transformation journey seamlessly with our 7-step deployment and support approach. This big picture approach leaves no lose strings in the planning and implementation, leading to successful deployments. This is enabled through ready to deploy point solutions, checklists, procedures and expertise.

Our Service Delivery Model

Our domain and technology consultants who engage with you are supported by offshore implementation teams. The mix ensures maximum ROI and responsiveness.

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