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Efficient warehouse management:

An efficient warehouse is key goal for any enterprise and is most critical to achieve high level of customer experience and profitability in a sustained manner. An efficient warehouse eliminates any unproductive, inefficient and inaccurate activities in all stages of the value chain.

This is achieved through application of best in class technology and practices known today and also being future ready. We have seen many enterprises need help in translating their business goals and their best laid plans into specific WMS and EOM process requirements. This requires combination of experience in the core Warehouse Management and Order Management functionality and related technologies.

To illustrate this point further –

1. Order backlog issue due to certain slowness in the custom processes e.g. rate buying, is experienced by many customers. A simple custom solution could be provided by creating multiple pickticket servers and making them multi-threaded. The solution gives the flexibility to setup any number of jobs based on the order volume and thereby reducing the order backlogs.

2. It’s common to have picking delayed or picking shortage if the replenishment are not made just in time. This could be resolved by prioritizing only such items for picking where inventory is available and queue the rest of them until inventory is made available. This will reduce picking times as unproductive tour of the warehouse by personnel looking for items which are out of stock

3. You will also see sometimes crowding in aisles as multiple warehouse personnel starting their picking process together. This can be solved by giving them separate starting points.

4. Similarly, too many partial totes near sorter will lead to decreased throughput.

The solutions to all the above-mentioned inefficient situations could be found within the WM applications through customization. However, it is key to have a good understanding of the warehouse management processes and the tweaks required to it to achieve new and improved status, otherwise the changes could backfire and situation worse.

At SKU Digital, we have decades of experience working with operational managers and users on the floor. We understand their requirements and can implement the right solution. Many of our associates have had long and successful stints at Manhattan in R&D and services. They also have vast experience in implementing Manhattan WMS and EOM solutions at multiple client places. With offshore heavy model, we will also be able to provide world class supply chain solutions in a cost-effective manner.

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